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Tripati Lab

Lab alumni

Researchers and Postdoctoral Scholars

Ph.D. Students

M.Sc. Students

Dr. Patrizia Ferretti

Marie Curie Fellow

Dr. Sean Loyd

Faculty member at CSUF

Dr. Atreyee Bhattarcharya

Instructor at CU Boulder

Dr. Pamela Hill

Adjunct at CSULB

Dr. Caroline Dawber

Became a postdoc at Cambridge

Now works in climate change risk assessment

Dr. Chris Roberts

Now a climate scientist at the Met Office

Dr. Helen Macintyre

Completed a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences at Leeds University and a postdoc at MIT

Dr. Anya Crocker

MCompleted a Ph.D. in the geosciences at the National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton.

Kazumi Nakamura

Completed a Ph.D. at the Colorado School of Mines.

Trung Nguyen

Went to work at the California Department of Fish and Game

Dustin Pittman

Became a climate scientist at AECOM

John Mering

Beginning a Ph.D. at the University of Waikato

Ruslana Dalinana

Working in Santa Barbara as a modeling and forecasting analyst

Stephanie Darling

High school teacher

Caroline Sindrey

Went on to graduate school at the University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate Students

Julien Danzelle

Went on to do a Ph.D. in Paris

Aileen Dennis


Mike Spencer

Geophysicist in industry

Marcus Enriquez

Geologist in industry

Brittany Miles

Applying to grad school!

Dr. Oliver Shorttle

Postdoc fellow at Cambridge

Aaron Bufe

Went on to do a Ph.D. at UC Santa Barbara

Rosaleen Gilmore

Became a lecturer at Gwynedd-Mercy College

Dr. Ruth Shaw

Completed a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. at Oxford Brookes University

Tanya Conchas


Dr. Emma Khadun

Went on to do a Ph.D. at Christian Albrecht University

Dr. Katie Atkinson

Went on to do a Ph.D. and a postdoc at Cambridge

Nam Lai

Works in industry

Jessica Canet

Went on to grad school at the University of Washington

Dr. Jan Tolzmann

Completed a Ph.D. at the University of Mainz.

Robbie Macdonald

Completed a Masters at Birmingham University and went on to work in water resources

Ryan Dill

Went on to do a Ph.D. at CU Boulder

Chris Bentley

Went on to do a Masters at Northwestern and is a science writer

Drew Henry

Went on to do a Ph.D. at USC

Angel Fulgencio

Planning to do a Masters

Owena Reinke

Went on to do a Masters at the University of Mainz

Vanessa Brillo

Went on to do a Masters at UC Santa Barbara

Chris Spencer

Went on to graduate school at Boston University

Gurpreet Kaur

Working in industry

Thanh Nguyen

Working in industry

Mariam Sahakyan

Akshat Mahajan

Working in industry

Poline Pourmorady

Audrey Brown

Lilian Chou

High School Students

Lavaniya Thanabalasundaram

University of Bath

Zahrah Rosun

Went to University of Hertfordshire

Rain Tsong

Went to Yale University

Lily Zhou

Went to MIT

Suna Zekioglu

Went to Cambridge University

Muhammad Yarudua

Went to Imperial College

Ruby Jennings

Went to Plymouth University

Amy Ruddlesen

Went to York University

Dr. Jianwu Tang


Lab Assistants and Techs

Folks Passing Through

Dr. Kristina Wilson

Went on to teach

Jeanine Ash

Studies clumping in oxygen

John Marengo Wilson

Went into industry

Simon Crowhurst

Works at Cambridge Univ.

Jeannie Booth

Works at Cambridge Univ.

Sakshi Sadhu

Manipal University

Yannick Bahe

Did a Ph.D. at Cambridge

Javier Conchas

Went to San Diego City College

Ning Zhao

Went on to grad school in the MIT/WHOI joint Ph.D. program

Wu Sun

Went on to do a Ph.D. at UCLA

Janie Trinkkeller

Went to grad school at Penn State

Ilian DeCorte

Finishing his degree at Macalester College

Justine Kimball

Working in science policy

Fei Shang

Finishing his Ph.D. at West Virginia University

Richard Wang

Going to Harvard

Mikael Kalin

Went to MIT

Ben Tran

Going to UC Santa Barbara

Kevin Supakkal

Went to Stanford

Zach Lipel

Went to Caltech

Dr. Yongbo Peng

Assistant Research Professor, LSU