Tripati Lab

Climate & Carbon Cycle Group


We are working to expand our knowledge of how ‘clumped’ isotopes (i.e., the occurrence of multiple rare isotope substitutions in molecules) in carbonates can be used as a tool to address pressing questions pertaining to climate change, earth systems history, geochemistry, geobiology, and sedimentary geology.

Although clumped isotopes are the primary tool my group uses, we also apply other geochemical proxies including elemental and stable isotopic ratios of carbonate minerals. We also integrate geochemical data with field-based observations, sedimentologic and micropaleontologic data, and models.

If you are a prospective postdoc or student and are interested in applying for a fellowship or grant to work together, please contact me at ripple *at* ess *dot* ucla * edu . My lab also welcomes collaborations - so if you’re interested in learning more about clumped isotopes, please get in touch!


What does our research group do?

My research group uses ‘clumped’ isotopes and other innovative tools in the geosciences to address fundamental questions about the dynamics of climate change, both past and future.